Idea Sculptors is a product development and manufacturing center located in Longmont, Colorado.  We offer bottling, labeling, inventory, shipping, material sourcing and packaging services for small businesses.   Idea Sculptors also offers product development, including chemical or material formulations, food products and prototyping.  Idea Sculptors has a team of web design and online marketing professionals that oversee product launches, branding and content development.


Michael Cole, Ph.D

Founder & CEO at Idea Sculptors

Michael Cole is a master problem solver.  He has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is also educated in Biology, Math, Physics and Business.

After working in the corporate world for 20 years and successfully helping companies to create new products and grow their businesses, he was asked by his family, friends and associates to help get their ideas turned into products.  And, what started out as a side hobby, became a business.  In helping his family, friends, and associates, Michael discovered that helping individuals and small companies was more rewarding than working for larger companies and so, Idea Sculptors was born.

Since the company’s inception, Michael has helped numerous individuals and small companies develop new products, and with that success, Idea Sculptors has grown, adding new services such as marketing, web design, manufacturing, as well as patent writing and filing.

Idea Sculptors helps its employees as much as it helps our customers with flexible work hours and use of company resources to help employees launch products and businesses of their own; because everyone should have a chance to follow their dreams.





What our clients are saying about us…


  • Testimonial 1
    Whitney Foley & Kristeen Church

    I’m thrilled to write this recommendation for Michael Cole as he’s one of the greatest people we’ve ever worked with.

    We were referred to Michael in 2012 to help us create Static Schmatic, an all-natural anti-static spray. Michael listened to all of our requests with a positive, “anything is possible” attitude. Over the proceeding months, he sent us different formulas to test until we found the right ones. Over that time, Michael was kind enough to educate us on the science behind the formulas. Plus, he puts technical concepts in familiar terms so we could easily understand!

    Michael’s high-quality work is consistent and thorough. He can wear many different hats in the scientific/production/manufacturing realms. As we’ve steadily grown, we’ve expanded our relationship by shifting all of our labeling, filling, packing and distribution to his company. Michael has hired an amazing staff and oversees all of the steps to fulfill our orders. He is honest and genuinely cares about everything in our business. He works incredibly hard and consistently evaluates our procedures to make improvements. Michael is responsive, gives genuine feedback and goes to great lengths to ensure that all of our operations meet the highest of standards.

    We couldn’t run our business without Michael, and we’re incredibly grateful to be working with him.