Our Services Explained

We specialize in custom solutions and small scale manufacturing. When you are just starting out, you often need to start small, and position yourself to grow as the business or product succeeds.


Website Design and Maintenance/ Graphic Design

Fulfillment and Shipping


Product Development and Prototyping

Ingredient/Supply Procurement

Bottling and Packaging and Labeling

We can handle small runs and some larger runs. You need dry goods or liquids packaged?  We can do both, we can even handle high viscosity liquids and pastes.  And, we will happily apply labels if the packaging doesn’t come with labels. 

Typical bottlers and contract manufacturers will require minimum runs of 10,000 bottles or packages.  We are happy to produce as few as 10 to as many as 10,000.  

Graphic Design/ Website Design and Maintenance

Need a logo or label designed?   Need a website built and/or maintained?  We provide these services and use local artist as our designers.  For website maintenance, we can handle keeping your website updated and secure, even for eCommerce sites. 


Whether your selling on Amazon, Shopify, or other eCommerce site, we can pull your orders and ship directly from our warehouse to your customers or distribution center.  For most of our customers, we have same day fulfillment of orders so your customers get their products fast.   We also over inventory storage at our location to prevent lost sales from not enough inventory on hand. 


We have a network of different suppliers for packaging, ingredients, materials, and some services.  If you request something not in our network, we will actively research suppliers and assess quality and price so you can make the best decisions for your products.  

Prototyping/ Product Research and Development

We are a small operation but we are packed with talent with a diverse skill set.   What we do not have in-house we have experts in our network.  This allows us to work on a large variety of projects and ideas.  We will also be upfront if a project or idea is outside our skill sets so as not to waste your time or money.   


Perhaps you need information.  We provide professional consulting for a large variety of clients.  We have acted as expert witnesses for legal cases, helped companies solve complex problems,  given product improvement advice, given market analysis,  and provided initial drafts for patents.  What can we do for you?

Want to know if we can help you?

We give a free 1 hour consultation to help you determine if our services are what you need. 

While calling and leaving a message is good, some people prefer to send us an email, or for us to call them.  We will work with whatever communication method is convenient for you.  

A note regarding phone calls, we do not typically answer our direct line due to increased number of robocalls; but if you leave a message we will call you back in a timely manner.  

We do not send spam nor sell your personal information, we only use it to contact you upon your request.

In the message field, you can let us know what services you would be interested in and good times to call if you left a phone number.  Please to not leave any information you consider confidential.

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Email us at    Info @ IdeaSculptors.com
Call us at    303 746 0730    (please leave a message)

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