Product Development

Product Development

Product Development

At Idea Sculptors, we take the time to develop personal relationships with our clients to insure that their needs are met.  When it comes to product development, we work with all stages of the process.  From just a half-hatched idea, all the way to product improvement after manufacturing has begun.  We are particularly good at vetting ideas and product idea refinement.  And we love making prototypes!  If you are curious, just drop a line and ask if we have expertise in your area of interest.

Cost of Our Services

We have a variety of ways to assist you that can accommodate a variety of budgets.   Every project is different and so we are very flexible in working out a reasonable budget solution that meets your needs.  Some simple examples of how we charge for our product development projects:

  • Free consultation for discussing potential projects.
  • Charge by the hour (rates from $25 to $100 depending on technical expertise needed).
  • Charge by project – payment is based on us reaching agreed upon milestones and project completion.
  • Zero upfront cost for product development in exchange for a royalty on sales or allowing us to be the manufacturer of the product when applicable.


How We've Helped Other Clients

To help you with your ideas and product development, we combine physics, material science, art and lots of imagination to provide a unique solution or perspective.  A few of the areas that we have helped clients in are the following:

  • Cosmetic brush cleaners
  • All natural Jelly Beans
  • A steady rate vacation watering device for plants
  • An antimicrobial mat for shoes
  • Ultra-high temperature ceramics for sensors
  • Resins for 3D printers
  • 3D printing systems
  • New bird feeder designs
  • A car seat protector for dogs
  • An all-natural anti-static spray for textiles and hair
  • Glucose detector for blood sugar measurements
  • High temperature fuel cell membranes
  • A leak stopping device for pipes under high pressure (for the Navy)
  • Mosquito resistant clothing
  • Specialty Scarves


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