Some of our Clients

Static Schmatic

Massage oil
        Divine Kika products


Cole’s Wild Bird Products

Next Level Health Technology

Boulder Power Technology

We cannot list all of our clients due to confidentiality, but below I list some of the areas that our present and past clients have been involved with:

Bottling and package filling – Liquids and Solids

Peroxide solutions, Energy drink, Mud Mask, Wine, Medicine product for fish, Sugar, Sugar alternatives, Nutritional supplements, C60 oil products, Massage oils, and others.


For many of the products that we fill or package, we also apply the labels to the packaging or bottles.

Product Development or Prototyping

Battery systems, handbags, chemical treatment of semiprecious gems, nutritional supplements, fruit storage containers, press on nail products, beer carrier case with integrated sound system, new massage oil formulations, value added products from kelp waste, hydroponic systems, veneers for teeth, rodent resistant packaging, antibacterial mats, 3D printed musical instruments,  yoga accessories,  and many more. 



Expert witness, business start and growth, marketing, check for patentability for an idea, draft patents, 3D printing, product research, business case research, business proposals (for funding), product launch options, and more.