Who we are

Our website address is: https://ideaSculptors.com; and we only use your information to contact you only at your request.   We may twice and leave a message if all we have is a phone number.  We will email you no more than twice if we have your email address.  Such personal information will be deleted if no contact or contract is made. 


All material provided to us by you remains in your ownership.  Contracts will be provided to explain patenting and idea ownership.


At times we may have some cookies on the website to understand how people interact with the site; however, we do not have any ads or other trackers on the site that collect your data .

Who we share your data with

We do not share your data with anyone.  If we need to refer you to someone in our network, we will ask permission or give you the contact information.  

How long we retain your data

If we do not agree on a business contract, we will not hold your personal information for more than 2 months.  If we are under contract, we will hold your personal information as specified in the contract (after which time it will be deleted).